Top 5 Games Where You Fight Fascism

Boy howdy. Who would have thought that almost 80 years after World War II, we’d still have to worry about Nazis. I for one am less surprised than I probably should be, but hey, this is the world we’ve got.

So what better way to take out some of that completely rational aggression than to just beat the absolute shit out of some Nazis?

Here is a list of the Top 5 games, in no particular order, where you get to do just that:


1. Call of Duty

I’m talking the original Call of Duty. You know, the 1944 one? The one where you get to parachute in to Normandy and immediately start going to work. The one that really separated Call of Duty as the new kid on the block in a world that was starting to get increasingly over saturated by WWII shooters.

The original Call of Duty is probably one of the greatest WWII games ever made, not to mention one of the best first person shooters ever made.


2. Company of Heroes

When you think real-time strategy games, Command and Conquer or StarCraft or even the Warhammer 40k series probably comes to mind. But in 2006, Company of Heroes came out offering something that the other games had never offered before: a real attempt at a traditional-style RTS game set during WWII.

Capturing territory, collecting resources, building structures and training troops all while hoping the other player doesn’t burn your base to the ground before you raze theirs. It still has a 10 out of 10 on Steam and is practically perfect when it comes to balance. You also get to crush a boatloads of Nazis.


3. Medal of Honor Frontline

Until Call of Duty came out, the Medal of Honor franchise was the best way to get out all of your frustrations against the Third Reich. There are plenty of entries in to the franchise that I could have picked for this one, but this one is just special to me for sentimental reasons. I remember picking it up at Best Buy one year the day after Christmas and then playing it for probably two straight days to beat the campaign on the hardest difficulty. I also remember doing 1v1 with my dad and just wiping the floor with him.

Simpler times, am I right?

You can find the PC counterpart to MoH:Frontline in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. If you purchase the “Battle Chest” it also comes with the expansion packs for more Nazi fighting good times.


4. Sniper Elite (Any of them)

A game about sniping has the potential to be incredibly boring. Sniping isn’t always this glamorous “one shot, one kill, I saved the war effort” thing. Sometimes you lay in the same spot for nine hours waiting for the right target or the right time to take your shot. But sometimes, when you shoot a Nazi through the heart, you get a sweet x-ray vision cinematic of his heart exploding and it makes all of the planning and waiting and preparation totally worth it.

The Sniper Elite series takes most of the stress out of sniping and gives you a pretty straightforward exercise in aiming and shooting. Remaining stealthy and hidden definitely works to your advantage and “running and gunning” is the harder of the two play styles. Each new version of the game gives you new locations to explore, new x-ray cinematics to enjoy, and a fun extra mission where you get to take down the Führer himself.

What a time to be alive.

Sniper Elite 4 released on February 14, 2017 for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.


5. Wolfenstein: The New Order

One of the most surprisingly incredible games to come out in the last five years, has definitely been Wolfenstein: The New Order. Instead of returning the castle to fight evil occult monsters and gallop around Bavaria, The New Order takes you to an alternate history where the US got absolutely wrecked during WWII. Things go really poorly. Incredibly poorly.

It’s set during the 60s, you get to use more advanced guns, and there are weird robot dogs everywhere that eat bullets for breakfast.

There is a standalone story called The Old Blood that takes place in an alternate history 1946 that has players going back to Castle Wolfenstein. It’s worth checking out if The New Order doesn’t quite quench your thirst for justice.

Remember, every one of us has the potential to become BJ Blazkowicz if we believe in ourselves.

Honorable Mentions

There are plenty of games where you get to fight Nazis out there, these were just the ones that I thought were the best. There were, however, a few that couldn’t quite make my list:

Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich


Axis & Allies (PC or Tabletop)



One Comment Add yours

  1. mikekeskeys says:

    I loved the Medal of Honor series when it was first starting out, great games. Also notable mention of an underrated game where you get to punch Nazis, the Captain America:First Avenger video game was fun and had a decent combat engine to it. It was no Batman:Arkham game but it was easily one of the better MCU movie adaptation games. And punching Nazis is always fun.


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